Friday, 13 April 2012

Patience... and zen

i am not a patient person. i hate to wait.

i read alot of other blogs on a daily basis. and those blogs look AWESOME! and mine doesn't...

my lovely sister, L, is working on making mine look alot better - because i suck at gadgets and widgets and dont even own photoshop and her blog looks so pretty so i have bribed her to do mine. i know when shes finished, it will look good - but i hate waiting! i want my blog to look awesome NOW!

so please be patient with me while i get this page looking what i want it to look like. so please be patient and i hope to wow you all soon!

in other news - today is my last day before i have a holiday. me and tuffman are escaping away to the rainforest for a few days next week for my birthday.

i am excited beyond belief.  we're staying in a little chalet next to a rainforest stream. the chalet has a fireplace AND a spa bath.

could you get any prettier?

its going to be relaxation to the MAX.

i've got my yoga music ready and will be doing my routines when i can. i'm going to find my inner zen goddammit! i'm going to connect with nature.

this afternoon i'm starting my holidays off with Body Balance at the gym - this class is a mixture of yoga, pilates and tai chi.

lets hope i dont look too uncoordinated!


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