Thursday, 12 April 2012

i’m the new girl… but not so new.

so. i’ve finally done it. i started my blog!

i’ve been thinking of doing this for a long time. and even started a few little ones here and there. but life got in the way and i ended up forgetting all my username and passwords. typical.

but NOW i have a new app on my phone which keeps ALL of my username and passwords for me – so i’ll never forget one again!
well as long as i dont forget the password to get INTO that app…. hmm

But back onto topic.

my blog.

my diary. my words. my thoughts. but where to start…

maybe i’ll start off by introducing myself and telling you abit about me and my sitch.

i’m nearly 27 years old. i live in the burbs in a lovely house. my partner, tuffman, is my world and i love him so much that sometimes it honestly hurts. we’re not the perfect couple but hes my best friend and i wouldnt have it any other way.

tuffman has a daughter and she is sunshine. this is the girl who changed me from a yahooing, never-having-kids, bachelorette party girl to someone who desperately wants a child of my own.

and for the first time EVER, i have also joined the gym. mainly for the yoga classes (which i love!) but i figured i have to get my body into some sort of shape before i embark on putting it through making a human.

i’m now into week 2 – and still – so far so good. ask me again in another 2 weeks…

so thank you for reading – i promise to keep you entertained.. maybe…


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