Friday, 3 August 2012

its been awhile...

So its been a long while since I've written on here. Life got in the way and quite frankly I forgot about blogging. It just didnt seem important.

Quite abit has happened since April. 

We went away on our little Mountain Retreat. It was so beautiful and I still think about Springbrook everyday. I want to live there. It was freezing and while usually I hate the cold... I really embraced it up there. The big spa baths and warm fireplace made it a lot more bearable, but it was just so beautiful being in the rainforest and listening to the running brook. oh gosh, I miss it now!

I turned 27. Its abit of a nothing birthday so I didnt feel any different. Maybe just more... mature. haha.

In June, early one Sunday morning, I found out I was 5 weeks pregnant. Doctor confirmed it for me one day later. Then another two days days later, I started bleeding heavily and after a few hours in hospital, I found out that I had had an early miscarriage.
That was an emotional week for me, going from being excited to devastated within a matter of days.

I'm back on track, thanks to the great support of my friends and family and my partner who stood by me the entire time, and I'm looking forward to the future again.

I've been keeping busy with work (boo!) but also we've been trying to do up little bits of the house. I'm busy choosing paint colours and pinning ideas til my finger is sore for different colour schemes and ideas of how rooms should look.
Now I just need an endless budget...

Anyway I'll try and keep the blogging up... 

but life may just get in the way again!

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